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Blingartusa are they still around?

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Maybe someone could be of some help to me.. I have probably purchased hundreds of dollars worth of design from this site and love the ones I used. I didn't download all the ones i purchased right away and went to log in a while back to download some and the site was down. it has remained down.

Just wondering if they have changed websites or are just gone gone... I guess its my fault I didn't download all my files sometimes it was not convenient any info would be great

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I was wondering the same thing cause I have stuff purchased too that I haven’t downloaded.
The owner passed away this summer.... they are trying to rally. But it was sudden so could take a while. If you Facebook them, they will answer.
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Ahh I don't have facebook maybe someone would facebook for me. I wonder if there is anything I could do to help them out. I don't have tons of time on hand but could do what I could.
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