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Bleeding Base white on sweats

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So we currently have a breeze and printing on tees (any brand) we have no issues, however there is one garments 90% of our customers want, a really good quality 80/20 sweat, fabric is really tight knit and looking at it it would print well.

However as soon as the white base hits the garment i get spread within 3-4 seconds. I have tried more spray - less spray more ink - less ink etc - but no luck.

Doing the proper ratio of 3/1 on fixation and as above printing on tees no problem at all!. I spoke to kornit in uk and they advised some garments have softners and a tip is to put it in the dryer first just to "bake" off the softner and could help, any experience of hearing this? or a solution to my problem? as i said 90% of our customers want this sweat so i have to get it working some how!


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I experienced rarely this kind of white bleeding on 80/20 sweat shirts too. It comes out when:

- Pretreatment was way too much and some kind of puddles appeared on the garment.
Before the printing, spray the garment and wipe it with a ruler. Wait for half minute to give some time to the garment to swallow the pretreatment.
You can also try "production" mode instead of "high production".

Other unlikely issues:

- Pretreatment is waste. If wihte-black or yellow-red borders bleeding on your shirts too.
Try out 2:1 ratio and/or try to get pretreatment with different batch number.

- Your print height is too big and nozzles have to shoot from an inappropriate distance. Or too low, and the head is scouring your prints.
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So i think its been fixed (when i print more next week will try)

It was a combo of putting the sweats through the dryer to bake of the softness as kornit uk recommended - and then the spray and wiping excess with the ruler and waiting then printing - everything was printing fine after.
When we print on sweats with problems like that, my experience is also to wait 60 seconds after fixation, and then print. it usually helps wit a lot of problems. - if its a one off, from a customer shirt we dont know, we usually always do that. -
Maybe try asking in the Kornit DTG forum on facebook.
You should put Delay between Spray and White (try 30sec or 1min)
The fabric doesn't absorb the spray and that's why you have this problem.
You can also use a manual Wiper to help spray to penetrate fabric.

For me, it was working good on Storm Hexa
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