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Blazer Set Ink Cartridge

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Yes, more cartridge fun :( I've had problems with this cartridge since I got the machine. I've bypassed the nongenuine ink problem (have had to do this since I got the machine) and I've reset the chip and still get this error. Hopefully it's something simple for a change, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Support tells me it's a burnt out chip. I'm going to try to replace it with the chip from the cleaning cartridge.
Hi Barry,

If you can reset the chip in the cartridge in question then it is not "burnt out". There are several issues which can damage the ink counter chip in these cartridges, but if the resetter works on them then it (generally) is not a chip issue. Do you know if this is a 4880 print engine? If so there may be other issues causing your problem.

Also, be extremely careful changing those chips out yourself. If not done properly you can be in for a real involved repair of your machine.

Hope that this helps.


I believe the printer is a 4880 based on his statement of getting around the non-geniune message. The problem is based on the Epson encryption on the chips and the serial # on the chip has already been recorded by the printer. The best thing to do is to get a separate chip as you don't have to worry about damaging the chip while removing it from the cleaning cartridge. That would be the method I would try to go with if I was able to get a chip from the Tech Support folks. Otherwise, you are going to have an issue with using your cleaning cartridge. Hope it works out for you one way or another.

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Hey Mark,

You are probably right that it is a 4880; although (based on our experience) if the chip can be reset then the chip is most likely still good. This is true whether it is a 4800 or 4800. There are a certain number of resets (it can vary from cart to cart) which each 4880 chip can accept before it is written over and the chip is then no longer usable.

The issue I mentioned with the customer replacing their own cartridge chips refers to damaging the printer, not the chip. If the new chip is set wrong in the cartridge, or the chip falls out for some reason, the contact pins in the back of the ink bay can be destroyed. It is a very involved process to replace these pins as the whole ink bay has to be dismantled. We do not suggest to any of our customers that they attempt replacing their own ink chips for just this reason.

If the blazer uses open bulk ink cartridges then I would suggest to Barry that he uses his cleaning cartridge for this ink channel until he can get a new cart or have this one repaired by someone who can warrant it's use in the printer.

hope that this clarifies my initial post.

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barry. we had the same problem with our chip we used the cleaning cartridge chip !!
I used the chip off the cleaning cartridge and everything is working fine, for now.

Thanks for all the helpful posts. I had to get the printer working or risk losing a good customer and possibly damaging my local reputation. Also, it takes forever to get things shipped to Canada, unless you're willing to open up your wallet, wide!
How did you get the chip out? I tried one cleaning cartridge and it looked like it was going to crack.
You want to take a flat head screw driver and try and break the seal around it. Its glued on there. Then it should just pop right off and you can replace it with a new one..
I just had the same issue and worked through it with tech support. We took our cleaning cartridge, popped it open at the brackets on the bottom, and took the cleaning fluid pouch, tube & nipple out. Then we took our #5 (white) cartridge apart the same way...disassembled it internally, drilled a small hole in the front of the cartridge to accommodate the bulk ink tube, put it all together and it all worked perfectly. We had initially confirmed that the machine itself was reading the cartridge by inserting the cleaning cartridge and not receiving the error; that's when we did the filleting of the cartridges.

So of course now we don't have a #5 cleaning cartridge, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

By the way, while we had the white cartridge apart, with the tube and nipple in the open air, I dropped them into a cup with a bit of cleaning solution just to keep those ends moist and pliable. When we put it all back together I did a couple of head cleanings and we were on our way. Good fix!!
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