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Blank Stadium Seat Cushions like these pictured?

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Does anyone know of a wholesale source for blank stadium cushions like these pictured below where the min. quantity is less than 50?

I'm not looking for the ones like Conde has nor the ones with a seatback.


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I am not much help but I wish someone would let us know where to get these type of blank stadium seat cushions. I have searched the web, inquired and now believe that they are figments or our imagination because no one can help us out. I am a small town printer that would love to offer these to customers/schools.

So please someone help us out here.....
I believe you need to join the ASI, SGIA or other trade groups. Then you'll get a list of these businesses. Many companies in the Promotional Arena want to sell them to you completed with your customers logos.

You can probably check the Thomas Manufactures books for Manufactures of these items in the US.
like Paul said these are very common in the ad specialty arena. is there a reason you want to print them vs ordering them already done?
I want to print them because I own a small screen printing business in a town of 750 people. I don't as of yet advertise online and I live at least an hour away from a city (not even considered a big city) yet I am have three schools in the areas around me that could benefit from smaller orders that I could make for them. Plus I have the one on one customer service. I don't want to order for other people through my business because I hold my self to high standards on quality and customer service (I know a lot of members on here do) but I don't know that and can not affirm to that information.

Is there a reason why no one wants to share the information?

I don't understand the why suppliers of blanks are kept secret to other screen printers. I know that in larger towns there could be three or four companies that could provide you with the same product and that is where quality, ethics, and customer service is key to your business.

I hope that answers your question.

I still hope to get a supplier's name and a way to order those type of blanks.
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Those links aren't Manufactures though. They mainly provide to Promotional or Advertising Specialties. For blanks, they usually give you the price at the largest quantity. Unlike the Garmet Industry where we can buy from local distributors and really good prices.

I don't think it matters if you buy from one of those companies whether you're concerned about quality. You can simply ask for a sample, and make sure it's what you want. You just get less of a profit from it.

You might also try creating a Co-op and buying directly from a company that sells blanks.

Also, the PPAI association is probably the lowest cost for an association. It wouldn't hurt to join one. Like I said in a previous post, look in the Thomas Manufactures books or I think they may have a website called ThomasNet or something like that.
... is there a reason you want to print them vs ordering them already done?
Yes, we have a mobile satellite office that we take to events and sell customized and personalized products on-site. So, the pre-printing doesn't work for us.
:rolleyes:Thanks all for your replies.

I'm just not willing to make a big investment in a bulk purchase until I can test market a smaller quantity at an event or two first. I may need to look at ways to manufacture a small supply myself. Where there's a will... :rolleyes:
Please if you do find info would you mind sharrng , i have spent hours trying to find these seat cushions with no luck , if i find them i will forward the info .. Im like you , never liked out sourcing anything , everyone knows everyone down here in the sticks and i like to keep everything right here in the sticks
Thanks, Floyd:)
She wants Blanks.

I would love to see your Mobile Unit...
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