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Blank black T shirts with white stitching

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Hello im looking for standard blank t shirts like the gildan 2000 with different color stitching such as black with white or red stiching or white t's with black?
and sorry if this is in the wrong area or there's a millon posts on this, im new, ill be a better poster soon..:)
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I haven't ran into many contrast stitch tees during my searches but here are 2 you may want to try out;

Hanes Beefy™ 5.5 oz Ringspun Cotton Contrast Stitch T-shirt


District Threads - Tick Stitch Tees
They are a little pricey, but check out Alternatives AA1005 Backstage T-shirt. They are pretty awesome, broderbros.com sells them.

Good luck,
Thanks friends, im planning on this style for selling not promo, so ill spend extra for them.
great to meet you!
Im just getting started and loving the learning process and ((( STAYING UP 24/7 ON THE COMPUTER)) ADOBE RULES MY LIFE! haha.
You may want to check out SanMar's new tick stitch T's. T's styles for guys and girls with a contrasting stitch color. District Threads DT245, DT144 & DT244.
When I was looking for them Jones didn't carry them at the time but I did request them and they said they were getting some so I would try there. They have some great blank black t-shirts. If you don't find the cross stitch in the colors you need they have next level which suited for my needs. I only needed the stitch look though and not specific colors.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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