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blade settings

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hi I have a roland camm 1 and I am tring to figure out the best blade settings to cut the vinyl Can some one please help me. I am cutting Spectra Brand Vinyl; CUT, SUPER SUEDE, CUT PLUS, METTALIC.

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Generally, it's somewhere between 130-160 depending on the blade condition. I usually set it at 150 for thermal vinyl.
I have a Camm-1 and my settings for sign vinyl are 75-90 depending on newness of blade and mil thickness of vinyl. Heatpress vinyl (I use Thermoflex Plus) blade is 110. If I dont get smooth cuts at 110 I change the blade.
Thanks for the help. but i am still having trouble. my cuts are not coming out smooth. i have a brand new blade so i do not know what the problem is. any suggestions
What is happening with your cuts? What is the blade offset?
ALso check the speed setting. I believe mine is at 55 something...
they just were not smooth and when i tried to pell the material it did not come up all the way because it did not cut all the way through
More down force! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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