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Black over spray

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Hi Newbie to this site, just started printing mugs. Using epson printer. Only problem i have with it is black overspray when printing text in solid black and solid black inages. Any ideas
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Yes its a new printer Epson 2630. All other colours are ok, just when i print solid black. Thanks
Does it do it on other normal paper prints - if it does then sounds like something in the printer. If it doesn't then it sounds like something in your software firing out too much black
Hi, Just printed on normal paper, still getting the black overspray.
Then it could be something wrong with the print head or there's some stray crud on the printhead or wiper causing ink deflection
have noticed i am regularly doing a head clean due to the black ink.
you are probably not printing on mugs with this

are you using sublimation ink & papers?
Hi into the T. Using sublimation ink and paper. Done mugs today various images and text all ok, but tried to do one with a black outline on an image and still got the overspray.
have you tried a heavier paper setting?

i know when using certain papers if i don't use the matte setting (instead of plain paper) i get black drips/splatters
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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