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Hello Everyone! I am trying to build a home made exposure unit. I am having trouble trying to find black Lights and its FIXTURES, mainly it's fixtures. Things don't seem to match.

(White) Black Light Fluorescent Light Bulbs | 1000Bulbs.com

I have found the light I want to buy.
It is either an 18-inch 15 watt black light
Eiko F15T8/BL - 15 Watt - T8 Linear Fluorescent - Black Light | 1000Bulbs.com


24-inch 20 watt black light
GE 10244 - F20T12/BL - 20 Watt - T12 Linear Fluorescent Tube - Black Light | 1000Bulbs.com

Now, I've searched high and low and I've been frustrated. Lights are available, it's their fixtures that are not.

I went to lowes, walmart, ace hardware, home depot, to find some T8 fixtures, but their 24 inches long. And I try to find T8 bulbs online and ground stores but don't have 24-inch T8 bulbs, anywhere, it's crazy.

So I decided to buy T12 24 inch black light, then again, fixtures that can be found in stores (even online) are crazy long, about 48 inches long, 36 inches long. Nothing fits. I have found my lights, but the fixtures are just too hard to find.

Any suggestion to finding both light and its fixtures in one store? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :)

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I keep buying blacklights from Spirit (48") and Target (18") after Halloween but you'd have awhile to wait for that! If you have a Spencer Gifts nearby they may have some different sizes, as well as Target (not sure if they have it during off-season) and Radio Shack (I have several RS blacklights but I don't know if they have them in store anymore). Also non-Spirit online Halloween stores (Spirit at full price is expensive) as well as DJ lighting stores (though a lot of them use blacklight LED arrays now), horticulture shops ("grow lights") or pet stores ("aquarium lighting").
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