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Black Foil, didnt work to well

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Hey guys, im not sure if this is the right room to place this post. Please forgive me if not. I just had a question. I made about 15 sample shirts using black foil. Iy was just my brand name across the front and the first letter of the name in the upper middle back. Im not sure if foil though was the best way to go. My printer sent me the glue on the heat transfer and i would press that on the shirts then he sent me sheets of black foill that i would then press on the shirts. Some of the shirts were great but on some the shirts didnt peel off clean. Also after washing the shirt the lettering would fade dramatically. Any alternatives for that shiny foil look ?
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You might want to look into having someone with a vinyl cutter do you some black metallic vinyl transfers. Just a guess but I think this might work a little better. Its easier. Foil is not for the inexperienced. Its just tricky. I've tried it and i just can't get it right. The vinyl is more forgiving and the application is easier.
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