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Hello everyone, I'm new here, my name is Svyatoslav. I am printing to epson f500 and I am having a problem.
I use dye sub film on plastic (keycaps for keyboards). The problem is that dots (black and blue) remain on the finished print, with a mixture of magenta and yellow, there are no such problems, I understand that they are darker and will be more visible anyway. I insert a vector image from the illustrator into epson edge print, in the original I do not have black and blue in the illustrator, as a result, the program that prepares the print for the printer adds them itself.
You can somehow fix the fact that she adds something that is not in the original (I know that you can manually remove them, but I would like to achieve such a result so that what I imported is what happened in the end)
How can you achieve a normal mixing of black and blue? (the dots are too visible)
in short yes i have big problems with points
I will attach the files for clarity. If you help me I will be very grateful
Thanksps. forgive me for my english, i'm russian
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