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Billing vs Inventory question

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We have our shirts in as inventory. When I sell the item out, I was putting the shirt as one item and then the service weather embroidery, DTG, Vinyl as another line item but I really didn't like the invoice looked. My accountant suggested I sell out an non-inventory item this way it had a nice description etc but then I have no way of knowing my inventory unless I tracked it separately and what's the point of having QB if your doing it that way.

For the people using quickbooks, how do you invoice your items out?

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We have all our garments in quickbooks by brand,style,size,etc. When I invoice a job I pull up that item and price it accordingly to what was done. That way the customer sees the final price not the price of a garment and then the price of the work done. This way the item is accounted for in inventory and if I need to later see what we did for them I pull the work order out of the file.
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