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bidding on large job

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I need help from those that have bid on large job with Universities.
I'm not a screen printer, so I need to source this out. I am bidding on a 3,000 shirt job for a single color t-shirt. This is just one of three. I'm also bidding on 400 1/2 zip hooded windbreakers and also 300 mock jerseys. Even when I bid on high school jobs that are small, the price is fairly low. I've never bid on something this large.:confused:
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Email me what your size breakdown is and color on the t-shirts i can get you a quote
I'll see what I can get. I just got the info this morning. I assume it would be something like an athletic gray shirt with a royal blue print. I don't even know how they come up with the sizing. Maybe they ask the shirt size in a mailer they send out to incoming freshman.
Do you already have someone willing to print the job? See what they're willing to do it for, then mark-up what you think is reasonable. Just be careful seeing as there may be some screen printers in the running who are not using a middle man and can offer a pretty low rate. Pick a really good printer and make sure you send them some samples of the screen printer's work. Most companies are willing to pay a few extra dollars to avoid getting hack jobs.

You can always tell them you are willing to price match when you send along your quote. If the the price is ridiculously low that they try to get you to match, you can always say "go ahead with the printer you got that from". It may call their bluff, and if its a true quote, it wasn't worth it anyways.
Thanks. I use a couple local printers, but I'm not sure they're set up for a 3000 shirt order. I have to find out. I figure I have to go a little low. We'll see how it goes.
Generally, your 3000 order bid for contract printer would go for 40 cents - 75 cents a print depending on whether you need to flash, and how large the print is. At that quantity you want to provide the shirts, and try to negotiate, art charges, screen charges, at that amount those could make those charges paid for, for the screenprinting co.. Your mark up will probably the determining factor,Good luck.
Thanks again for the info. I'll make sure I let the printer know I'm going in low. Just to win the job and get my name in front of the decision makers would be nice. I'm an Alumni of the University, so hopefully that carries a little weight. There are a lot of jobs that don't have to go out for bid, due to the dollar amount, so once I'm in, hopefully those will come to me.
Make sure you have a printer on board for a low quote. If its too low and no one agrees to it, you have a job and no means to get it done. Then you may not only be cutting into profit, but digging into your own pockets. Be careful.
I only quote based off a quote from a printer.
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