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Can anyone tell me the secerets to getting into the top ten of search engines? I guess this is the $64,000 question. Please share your ideas. Thank You
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sure.. if you pay me $64,000.00

Use google. its your friend with questions like these
Can anyone tell me the secerets to getting into the top ten of search engines? I guess this is the $64,000 question. Please share your ideas. Thank You
Sleep with the boss of Google. :)

Seriously though, unless your product is a highly defined target market, getting onto the top ten of any search engine will be incredibly difficult. Staying in the top ten will be harder still. It's where everyone ideally wants to be.

There are lots of companies that will make all sorts of silly claims about getting you into the top ten (for a fee), but a better option is to market your site outside of the internet.
actually, i'm in the top ten for a couple of terms. it's a long and hard process to get there, so i would not build my business on it.
it's true, it's much easier to promote your website offline.
you can set it as a longterm goal to get good rankings. choose a nice for your keyword that is not so hard to target and research how much traffic you can expect (like "boston black shirts").
kepp in mind that out of 100 visitors only around 2 will order your stuff. some nices might have higher conversions but not much higher than 5.
There are things you can do that might help you rank. Picked narrower keywords, keeping in mind that narrower keywords will have less searches. Start a blog and write lots of keyword rich posts. Add Google Analytics to your site so you can see where people are coming from and where they go on your site. Investigate Google Webmaster tools, that can give you some help with rankings. Investigate options for good quality links, always making sure that your links are quality and not link farms or spam links.

All these things might help, but there is no sure way to rank highly in any search engine organic placement. The algorithms change quite frequently so what works one month may not carry as much weight the next.
I know someone that does it for around 1800 buck and gonna get it done myself
She said that google likes how you set up site, how many times words pops up, images named after what you do ect... Tie consuming on there part and they need to upkeep every month due to it beings doggy dog game.
Benefit is that it will come up on top 10 on all search engine and not just google so it can be very good investment. I invested not in oil or gold til now but teeth LMfao but they do look pretty heh
on a sad note. :(

I am horror-fied on the vast amount of BS so called web designers that charge you money to make you invisable. :rolleyes: ...terrible. Bad code, duplicate content aka web pollution etc...

look at google itself and examine what made them different and unique from the begining. A good model to follow.

look ahead, at things like SMS t-shirts and hand held communication instruments as a future selling venue and its configuration options...for example.

I find the term SEO is somewhat worn-out by now.

in any case, when there is something unique with value out there (and I dont mean *sponsor* links), sooner or later IT will find you, Im a strong believer of this. :) ...perhaps naive of me to think this way, but what the heck.

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to a search for WHITE HAT SEO and you can learn about some more "ethical" ways of optimizing your site for search engines.
Blogging and newsletters, find unique keywords using a reverse search, utilize alt tags, Google Webmaster, no broken links.
1.Concentrate on a searchable keywords (specific search queries that potential customers search for) that are used for your page file names, meta tags and H tags.
2.Continually update with quality content
3.Develop keyword rich internal and external links.
4.Develop quality, related topic backlinks
5. Submit to quality directories
6. Maintain a topic-related blog that links to your site
7. Update frequently by adding quality content
8. Moniter competitors to see what they do (don't copy but you may get ideas)
9. Join SEO forums to learn what full time web masters do
10. Participate in social media groups
11. Study web stats to understand what is and isn't working on your site
12. Test your site - make small controlled changes to see what differences occur if any
13. Use Google Web Master Tools to learn information such as any problems they may have encountered when indexing your site and your page rankings for searched terms.
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To say it simply

keyword rich content + a lot of links going to your site from quality websites = high up on google
I recently read a booked called Get to the top on Google by David Viney. It was awesome. Best $30 I spent. A lot of knowledge, easy to read and understand, learned a ton. It is hard work, but anything worth accomplishing usually is. Read the book, it will give you a lot of ideas. It's so important to my everyday work that I have a copy on my desk at all times. And no, I don't know the author.
Along with the advice posted here, you can also find some great tips that have been posted before:

seo related topics at T-Shirt Forums

Some of the best advice (that is too often skimmed over overlooked) comes from Google's own webmaster help pages.
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