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Before you say anything, yes, I did search and I have done my own research. But this is specific to my situation. Plus, I hate spending money without professional feedback, no matter the scenario.

What would be the best way to start up a shirt printing business? It would be mainly for local bands and maybe a few companies. I know there's different ways of applying the graphics, but what would be the best for a startup who's future is uncertain (aka college . . . )?

I have Photoshop and stuff so I can make the graphics. I have a Deskjet F4480 printer (but I think my dad has a laser or inkjet printer. All I know is it's apparently really good). The only thing I don't have would be the application equipment. I'm thinking heat press would be best but I want opinions on that too, including equipment.

Looking for the best way to make "bulk order" shirts on probably standard cotton tees in all colors (don't want to limit the bands) that would stand up to the wear and tear of every day use . . . or at least not peel after the first wash :p I don't care if there is a learning curve. I love learning new things. I just don't want to work hard and spend money on this only to have it completely fail =( A little fail is OK; complete fail sucks.

Also, I live by a Staples, so if they sell stuff for this, like special paper, that would be very convenient . . .
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