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Hi I'm new to T-shirt forums
and i've been designing a few one off tees for myself but always took them to t-shirt printers, anyway I was intrigued by the behind the scenes process of which he was reluctant to show me as you can imagine. This was for his Vinyl set up not screen prints
But looking into it a little, I thought maybe i could get a little set up of my own, as i'll only be doing short runs and my friends ask me to design some for them.

I was wondering which is the best vinyl cutter for a start up for a mac? as I know alot of the cutters out there are usually compatible more for Windows.
I'm on a budget and would love a Roland GX-24 but as i'm new to the doing it yourself game I can't afford such an extravagant, yet great piece of kit so i'm told luxury as yet and i'm looking to buy a good quality heat press?
Any help/feedback would be appreciated
oh and If this helps i'm using adobe illustrator CS5 and use an Epson R320 printer
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