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Hello guys,

Please, please help! I recently started selling my own shirts with my own designs on them. They've sold pretty well and I've had good things said about them, but there's always someone who's not that happy with the image after washing. And I don't blame them.

The paper I currently use is called 'Dark Power' and it's from a place called: www.thetransferpress.co.uk

It's a decent paper, but it's not the cheapest and the colour does seem to run a bit when washed. It's pretty sturdy and doesn't come off, but I really want to find a paper that is better. Unfortunately everywhere I look it's either paper for light fabrics or paper from the United States.

I need a really good paper that I can preferrably buy in the UK. If not then I don't mind ordering it from the States, but it has got to be for dark fabrics.

Also, my printer is an Epson D88 and it's supposed to be compatible with Pigmented inks, but when I try to use them it really doesn't like them. It spurts out blotches and is generally to thick and horrible. So I continue to use Dye-based inks for the time being - is that where I'm going wrong and not the paper?!?

Any help or links you guys can give me would be amazing as I really need to sort out this problem fast. Like I said, most people are happy but I'd prefer to not have any running inks on the designs.

Thanks in advance and keep up this awesome forum!

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