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The dye based inks will run a bit when washed. Your c88 should work better with pigmented inks than dye based inks, as that is what it is designed to use. What brand of ink where you getting splotches with? Try the standard epson durabrite cartriges. You shouldnt have a problem with them.

For dark paper, I like tshirtpaper.com
I was told by Epson not to use DuraBrite or Claria inks for the heat transfer process, but to use Epson UltraChrome Inks as it was an Archival Ink?

Does anybody know the truth about the inks?

Epson does not support transfer papers not sold by them and they do not test washability on fabrics but they have heard that individuals were having wash out problems with DuraBrite and Claria inks but not the Ultra Chrome.

Somebody qualified that's has tested garments through multiple washings, please, resolve this issue. Thank you!
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