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Best Transfer Paper for Dark Shirts from an Ink Jet printer

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What are the best transfer papers to use to print from an ink jet printer for use on a black or dark brown or dark green tshirt?

Thank you
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I don't know about "best", but I've heard members here using "blue grid" (from Coastal Business) and dark transfer paper from tshirtpaper.com. They also have some opaque paper at personalizedsupplies.com

You may have to try out a few to see which you prefer to work with.
The dark paper from personalizedsupplies.com is horrible. Don't use it. I like tshirtpaper.com's paper. It has a blue grid on the back of it as well, so it very well may be the same paper that coastal sells.
The best I have heard of is the One Step Opaque from Transfer Technologies. However, even that one only got between 14 to 18 washes before cracking.
God Bless You
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