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Best transfer material for Roland eco-solvent printer/cutter

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We have a Roland XR640 eco-solvent printer/cutter and am interested in doing transfers for both light and dark garments for short run request we've been receiving from our customers.
We need a transfer that works well in doing pictures (R.I.P) and other special events. Any feedback would be great.
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several of the preferred vendors on this site offer samples for you to test on the machine. Adam at Imprintables can get you some.
I have been having problem with the Rolland brand heat transfer materiel, and I have had great results with the Sister Color Print PU heat transfer paper, comes in rolls. Works great and has stretchability so the images do not crack.
Solutions Opaque for blacks, and I think there's a version for brighter colors that isn't as expensive. I believe both Imprintables and Stahls offers it.

Roland's redone their HTM design, but they sold it as a subpar product many years ago and it actually drove me away from heat transfer materials for quite a few months as it was the first one I tried/tested. Once bitten twice shy in that scenario.

You may also want to get some of the other transfer materials as the printable stuff isn't the easiest to work with, and large images ain't that fun with it either (such as full size photos). Even with our DTG and screen printing additions we still frequently will run names/numbers or simple lettering on darker colors through our cutter, some of the special effect films are cool and unique to vinyl cutters as well (I like the Fashion Film Electric from Stahls).
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