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I'm pretty new to the screen-printing/t-shirt industry and i've just started work separating designs ready to print. I've got my head around the logic behind colour separations, both spot and 4 colour process but i was just wondering if anyone had any tips, particularly when it comes to preparing work for 4 colour process.

Basically from what i can tell when artwork comes in, the main issue is there being just too much of each screen - e.g loads of cyan which would just make the design look really dark once its printed onto fabric.

At the moment i've been generally just playing around with levels and gently using the brush tool to bleach out certain areas that might look a bit heavy. I just wondered if there's any more sophisticated ways of reducing the levels of black in each channel other than just brushing areas away (which can sometime look quite patchy)

Also, if anyone has any general knowledge on how they'd approach a 4 colour process, what they tend to look at first, things to definitely avoid doing i'd really appreciate it.

Hope that makes sense and i'd love any feedback at all

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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