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Best t-shirt to use?

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I read the stickies in several different forums and found nothing, but I'm sure it's been asked already.. so sorry for repeating.

What T-shirt do you use for shirts and why? Trying to pick which shirt to use, but so many options out there, it's hard to narrow it down.
Any help is greatly appreciated. :)
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I use the Gildan 2000. It's a 100 percent cotton, 6.1 oz shirt. I print a lot of purple for the local school and have found the Gildan to not have a lot of fuzzies that show up through the ink (white especially) like the Port and Company shirts. Also, I feel the color selection is nice in that style and the colors are pretty true.
Mostly Gildan 2000 or Zorrel 880...Neither of these shirts are the "best" but the are a compromise as far as price point and quality.....
I was told by a couple of people who work for this t-shirt company that this Next Level Apparel t-shirt was comparable if not better than the 2001 Organic American Apparel Cotten t-shirt . Have any of you guys ever used this one/have any opinion on it?
Thanks a lot
For a reasonable price....I like the Anvil 980's...ringspun cotton, so it's soft and comfy. I also like Canvas tees as well.

I haven't tried an American Appearal tee yet
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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