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Best Static Aluminum Frames???

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Basically... In your opinion... who makes the best aluminum frames... and not only the frame, but best stretching from purchase....
I don't have enough to buy Newman roller frames, but I know aluminum is better then wood and I will be printing manually...

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Most aluminum frames are excellent. pretty generic though (no brand names)
If you wanna do it right you can't afford not to get Newmans. Check ebay and get some bargain secondhand ones you won't regret it.
being you are in mi go with gm graphics good screens and they arent far from you so shipping wont be bad
There are so many companies stretching alums right now it's really hard to tell if the supplier you're getting them from is doing to the work or subbing it out to someone else. I've gotten many statics from half a dozen different suppliers and none of them were really any better than the other, and they were all in the 15 newton range, not good. I've also seen used newmans for $25 which is a way better investment than statics alums.
there are no GOOD static frames.. only bad ones. get newmans
there are no GOOD static frames.. only bad ones. get newmans
Agreed. Newmans RULE!!!!!:D
Thank you for the responses, but I guess my question was who has the best tension when your buying the static aluminum frames....
I am looking in to Newman frames, but pricey!...

Gm graphics I have seen and used... I had seen a wooded from they did that was incredible... I was made of 3 different colored woods... so not sure if it is something they always are making?

Any suggestions on where to buy used newman frames?? And does better tension equal easier to shoot out ( I am talking about creating a stencil... after exsposure )
The best thing about Newmans (among many best things) is the better control of variables. With static frames you may get a screen that is 30 Newton Meters as a virgin screen, but after a few runs the tension could drop to as low as the teens in Newtons. Once the tension drops on a static frame there is no way to bring it back up to a tension that will allow you screen to snap back and retain registration.
With a retensionable frame, when the tension drops after the first run, you can bring it back up by retention. So for every single print run, you essentially have the same tension, therefore you can better predict you results.

As static frames come, you could get a brand of frame that's tighter than another brand, but in the end they'll all lose that tension and once they get work hardened, they'll be quite a bit lower tension than when you first purchased them.
Hope this helped:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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