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Best site for custom prints? Newbie Stuff, Help?

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hey everyone! this is my first time doing t-shirt printing/selling, but i do have graphic design experience!

I need help understanding everything. :confused:

My Questions:

What is the best site for custom printing?
(i want to produce products like "urban outfitters")

-If the site allows, what is the best quality shirt to print on?
(Alstyle , Gildan, Hanes, etc...)

What is screen printing exactly, i see it everywhere!

Any beginner tips? :)

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Well Roemon my friend you have came to the right place. This forum is full of answers & will provide you with so much information you'll feel like you're heads going to explode. I've only been a member to this forum for about a year & a half, & I can tell you that my best friend since I've joined is the search engine(located just about at the top of the page). Any question I ever had, it had the answer, & I bet it will for you also. So welcome to the forums. It's a great place! And best of luck answer hunting:)
I take it you cant answer my questions?
I'm sure I could. But to find the answers to your questions, I would simply use the search engine that I encouraged you to try earlier. I see no reason for me to do it when you could do it just as easily. I'm not trying to be snippy or a wise guy:) Just trust me. I'm sure you will find the info you need. The search engine is provided by the nice people of T Shirt Forums, & it's a great tool to have. You don't even have to leave this page. I've never even had to post a question on the forums thanks to the search engine. Just trying to give you the best "beginners tip" I could think of & be helpful. Best of luck to you:)
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cant find exactly what i want. if you can tell or link me, don't bother replying. thanks,
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