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m&o 3541's are 65/35 too (white, black and heathers)
We've had this conversation before, but I suspect these are either rebranded Tultex 241's or the 241's are rebranded M&O's. Tultex has a lot more color choices, so maybe rebranded Tultex.

Curiously, none of the major wholesalers carry this model. S&S Canada does, but S&S U.S. does not. Tultex has the exclusive in the U.S. and M&O in Canada?

You can also tell how thin the white is from the picture on SS Canada.

Hands down my favorite shirt to sublimate is the heather grey Tultex. For some reason, it is much softer than the other colors and ink holds very well giving you that instant vintage look with not a lot of fading.
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