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Best Selling Window Decal & Stick Figer Help

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Hello! Whats the best selling window decals today? I used to sell the dog breeds, but the demand is slowing down. What do you sell the most of?
Where can I get these stick figures you are seeing on everyones car window today. I cannot seem to find the clipart for them. I tried drawing mine out but they are alot harder then what you would think haha
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For stick figure images, just google it under google images and see what you find. Sports decals tend to be our best sellers. Good Luck!
Stick figures DRAW Them you can draw a stick figure I Hope! Draw and scan in
now you know the chevy and ford logos like that are Copyright material just like the Calvin pee-on My biggest hit on my site is In Memory of or business webaddress stickers
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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