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Best seller and best press

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Hi all,

Just scoping out a t-shirt business and would really appreciate advice.
Looking to buy a heatpress but a bit daunted by the number of similar looking options out there and some of the bad reports about cheap ones.

Looking to spend 300-400 (500 absolute max) and want to use for business purposes so quality print important. Will that budget be enough?

Can anyone recommend a good model and seller? And what are the key features I should look for?

Seen a lot of comments that bigger is better but this pushes price up. My designs are all a4 and see lots of presses are 30 cm x 38cm. Is that big enough.?

So many questions! Ed
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Whilst £400-£500 would be enough to get a decent Chinese-built heat press, but even at a size of 28x38cm (which is big enough to print A4-sized designs) it wouldn't be enough to purchase a European or US-made heat press which are usually better supported than Chinese presses.

I've just replied to a post about the things to look out for when buying a heat press, so it may be worth you taking a look:
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