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best quality t shirts for printing, cotton and poly

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Hello everyone! Being new at this I have been experimenting
with both cotton and poly blend ts. I'm interested in putting out a quality product since I'm using my own original text along with a friend's design work and don't want everything
to looks like cheap construction work shirts. nothing against those, I want to make them also.I can get cheap shirts anywhere. I would like advice on which shirts are more of a dressy quality. Thank-you in advance, Will
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I personally think 100%cotton will beat down cotton/poly blended always, both fabric can do good printing,but cotton is more soft to skin, and eco-friendly to environment. Of course, choosing high quality cotton material can be named high quality, not "best", everybody has different "best" definition.

I have good luck using 100% cotton both preshrunk and ringspun. I deal with alot of direct to garment prints and they've always come out really good and hold up nice.
Both are ok, however, I choose 100% cotton as the better of the two.. Make sure you are careful with the 50/50 when printing on red..
I don't really buy just one style (100, 50/50 etc) its what the client wants. if the client says mike we like 100 % cotton then that is what I get the person. if they don't care then its a 50/50 unless its a certain color that is 100 % cotton.

Just remember though some inks will work well with 100 % and some not. with union alot of inks they sell are for 100% cotton. however, you can get away sometimes using something that's for a 100 % on a 50/50. did that with a peacock blue on a chocolate shirt that was 50/50 and the ink was ment for 100% didn't bleed into shirt or through the back. if your going to do 50/50 make sure the ink you use says low bleed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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