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Best Presses?

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I am new to screen printing and am looking to buy a press. What are the best kind of presses and where is a good place to find a used press?

Thanks for the response
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Your question is like walking up to a complete stranger and asking what is the best kind of car to buy and a good place to buy it. :)

Tell us more about what you expect to use it for? How many colors will you be printing. How many garments a month? Are you the only employee or will you hire others? What is your budget?

In other words, are you looking for a Honda or a Rolls Royce? :)
Well I am looking for a used 6 color 4 station manual press that is durable and will last me a long time. I want something that is very reliable. I don't have the biggest budget, and am looking for a deal. At first I will be printing about a 1000 shirts a month, but hope to expand and take on more clients.

Thanks for the response
We have some M & R manual presses that are very durable, I was always fond of Antec presses myself due to the micro registration on the heads.
i use the M & R sidewinder. incredible machine and reasonablly priced. i think you can get into it for abou 5500 bucks. i paid 8500 for mine because i added the air controlled clamps and the side clamps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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