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Best plotter/cutter?

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I am just wondering what is the best recommended plotter/cutter?
I know really cheap ones will be rubbish, but what is the cheapest one that is good?
Also I have been told about using transfer film as another option, can anyone give me anymore information about this please?
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We would recommend the Saga. You can trade them up, you can trade them in on a Graphtec with the Saga challenge if you aren't satisfied. The servo systems are very nice, quiet and powerful.
I have owned Roland and Graphtec. Both are great and come with there own rip software for cutting.
Can you clarify about using transfer film?
A cutter will cut think films on a release liner. This includes sign vinyl, heat transfer material, window tint, stencil materials and some others. I don't think transfer film in and of itself would alleviate the need for a vinyl cutter. If you are trying to make shirts there are many ways to do this such as with heat transfer film, screen printing, sublimation, direct-to-garment (DTG), etc. Some of these methods would use a vinyl cutter such as with heat transfer film and sometimes with sublimation (contour cutting out the image).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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