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Best Place to Buy 25, 3 Color, Custom Design Silk Screened Shirts

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Hi, I new to t shirt selling and I am looking for a place that does silk screen printing.
I have my own design and it uses three common colors. I am probably going to start off with buying 25 shirts. What are some good places to get this job done with low prices. Right now I don't have 100's of dollars to spend on t-shirts right now. Also tell me if they offer any other services like retagging shirts. Thanks.
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Welcome to T-Shirt Forums..

Please make sure you read the rules and guidelines..

check out PrinterListings.com ~> find a printer in your area or you can post in classifieds and/or referrals and recommendations section.

According to forums rules ,printers are not allowed to self promote in common forum posts.. in R&R we are allowed to post our information.

Please include your area and an email you would like to be reached at.. You will receive many PM (private messages) and sometimes the boxes get really full.

Best of Luck!!!
we would be happy to help you out. there are alot of different options available. shoot me a message if you are interested and we can go over what your are looking to have done.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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