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rookie905 said:
Hey Lucy,

So if you had choice between CLC and inkjet transfers which would you choose?
forget about cost involved ...jsut finished product on T's

CLC (Color Lazer Copy) requires a lazer printer and special ink. It's a lazer version of dye sub ink. Currently, like ink jet dye sub, you can only print on white and light colors. I was recently informed by a developer that I was talking with that they should be comming out with a toner cartridge for a Okadata lazer printer with white toner to print on dark colors in about 3 months. Problem is that your limited to 8 1/2 X 11 paper. I was looking into wide format lazer printers for CLC and was told that none are currently available. :( Guess I'll stick with my 1280 till they come out with a wide format lazer printer for CLC. Can't cost anymore than DTG.
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