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best method for printing one off photo designs (preferably not inkjet dtg!)

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I am looking for some general advice on the best method to print complex large images onto a t-shirt on a one off basis? I don't like the way inkjet direct to garment printing produces a solid film over the fabric, i would prefer the actual thread to be dyed. For an example of what i mean think really lightweight fashionable t shirts with designs printed on them like this

I suspect they are all printed using silk screen method in which case it probably won't be possible to do it on a one off basis. What would be the next best thing? Dye sublimination?

Any help would be hugely appreciated

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Those examples are indeed most likely screenprinted.

Dye sublimation would be the closest to what you are after, but unfortunately it would mean having to work with polyester or manmade fabrics.

Hate to say it, but for one-offs your best option is DTG.
DTG is the perfect option. We run our whole line with the dtg and our prints are real soft hand and very smooth, even with 10+ colors or photo prints!

edit: As long as you find the right printer, obviously it's all about QUALITY!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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