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Best laser printer for heat transfer

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Hello im new to this forum and i think its a very good forum.
So my question is, can someone help me choosing the right Laser printer
to print on heat transfer papers,like OKI ?
thanks in advance.
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Oki seems to be very popular among many folks here.
I would heartily recommend the Oki..
Hi there,

I have the Oki cn3400 and it's a great machine - solid and reliable. And, boy, do those ink cartridges last!!! My only complaint, however, is that there is no subtlety to the color, and you have to brighten every print or it will print too dark.

Hi, is there any Oki an particular you guys would choose?
Hello Sodapop,

Happy Thanksgiving!
I have the Oki 3400cn and it is a very reliable machine. The ink cartridges last forever! However, while the text is really sharp, I can't say that the images are as sharp as a color photocopy, but certainly very usable for t-shirts. The colors are also a little too bright, but that is okay if your designs are too.

Hope this helps,
Hi Inkie,

Thanks very much for that, and "Happy Thanksgiving" to you too!

Will any Oki printer work for t-shirt printing? I think i need something that prints larger than A4, i was looking at the C9500, and the C9200 (although that is a huge printer, but hey if it does the job!).

I think i really need to know if all Oki printers can be used for t-shirt printing, if any are better than others, and if so why?

Thanks again in advance for any help/info provided
i would like to know if there is a wide format laser printer that i can buy for less than 400 dollars?? i have an epson R1900 and i have been having trouble with it and i would want to see if i have better luck with a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer.
I've been reading and researching the forums regarding a good laser printer to use on the self-weeding papers. The different manufacturers of the papers all seem to vary on the printers you can use. I think this information would be very helpful to many folks on here. Any thoughts you all have on these printers would be so appreciated. There aren't many places you can get information specific to printers that will run these papers. Thanks!!
just for reference...Stahls Group, Imprintables etc, Joto Paper and Magic Touch all use Okidata printers and they are all currently using the c610 at all the shows I have been to lately...and I also use the C610.. a great printer
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just for reference...Stahls Group, Imprintables etc, Joto Paper and Magic Touch all use Okidata printers and they are all currently using the c610 at all the shows I have been to lately...and I also use the C610.. a great printer
What transfer paper works best for you?
Thank you so much for that info, Charles. I've read and read and there just isn't a conclusive answer. This helps a lot. Most posts refer to the 8600 which you can't get and is very expensive.
OK, I've been looking. apparently, there's a 610N, DTN, and DN. The prices vary a lot. Anyone know the difference and if there's any reason you couldn't just get the cheapest?
I personally like the exact print from Stahls or trim free from Joto. both are good... you have to mesh your printer/time/temp for each...but get good results...

with the C610 DN ...the D stands for duplex capability and the N stands for Network capable Not sure what the T stands for
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I have an opportunity to get an Oki 8800 that was purchased in 2008 but used little, for $600. I think this is a good deal. What do you guys think? That's less than I would pay for the Oki 610.
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I think that if it is in good shape...that is a good price and you can do large imprints
Just as an update. I decided to go with the 610. I spoke with Oki and they said that new technology would give the prints a high def look that I wouldn't get on the 8800. So, I have my new printer but was sent the wrong paper so haven't been able to actually try it out yet. Will post more when I do.
I use the Oki C5750 printer with MagicTouch settings loaded and its a great machine.
Oki C610N LED Printer - Color - Plain Paper Print - Desktop so i found this printer for $441 from a website. Think there is something wrong there? Its like $200 less than ive seen anywhere else. also what does it cost to replace inks. i know nothing about printers rofl.
Can someone tell me which process they prefer? Inkjet vs laser and which has the better wash ability?

I've seen demos on the self weed laser paper and I'm considering going laser but I'm not sure if i should.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated
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