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Best inkjet printer for under $100.00?

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Could someone give me the exact name of a printer they use for under $100.00? I need the exact name because I may order it online and I do not want to have to send it back if I order the wrong model.

For example I see the Epson C88 listed, but under it there is a sub name like like Workforce 40. I just want to make sure I have the full name and model.

Thank you.
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Epson workforce 1100 direct from epson.com 129$ spend a little extra, it will serve you better for longer.
Epson 88 or workforce 30
How is the workforce 40?
I've read a lot of posts on here and heard good reviews on the epson c88. Im thinkin of gettin one myself...
The epson 1100 What!?!? Look up the Epson 1100 on the treads here, ^^^ sorry to contradict tha guy above. But on here seems like a lot of people are having problems with it...
Jus because it costs more doesn't exactly mean it's better...
I guess I don't see the posts your referring to in relation to the wf 1100. Most issues seem to be with people adding cheap or poor ciss to them or having trouble modifying them for Dtg. I will say the 1100 is no longer in production but it's still a champ. The 1100 had been the base for some of Ryonet's black maxx systems, one of cobra inks systems sold preinstalled with their ciss. I got mine for 99 new on sale at staples after doing my research here. Its been stellar for me and I would get another in an instant.

Not trying to be argumentative I just didn't get many negative posts when I searched the forums for epson wf 1100 perhaps a different term generated results I didn't see.
Not at all bro.. Shyt if it is that good I would like to get my hands on one. Lookin for a new upgrade myself... Sorry if my last statement was derogatory In anyway.
I just typed In the navigation epson c88 problems, then epson 1100 problems and tried to compare...
Don't get me wrong every printer has their problems.
But I've seen a lot of the vets on here using the c88... It looks tacky, but I can't jus judge a book by its cover. Hahaha
Gotcha. That's cool I never did much digging on the 88. In general I have never had problems with epson so all of this has always been an argument of which of the good printers is better then the other good printers.
Tru tru.... But to be honest I never looked into the 1100 until this thread... And I totally retract my statement now... It has a slower ppm rate than c88 for color.. But I'm seeing reviews of better quality... Sooo I might join the dark side and get wf1100.... Hahahaha
hands down get the wf 1100, buy refillable carts, easier then ciss systems. good luck uncletee.
I've been seeing people turn the wf1100 into DIY DTG printers... Something worth messing around with. If it wasn't for YouTube. I wouldn't even of thought of most of things I'm doin now. Haha:D
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