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best heat press

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Hi, I am Mo, from the Midlands, I am contemplating venturing into T-Shirt printing. I am already in a dilemma as to which is the best entry level heat press. I have learnt so far that it should be one that generates heat evenly. How can one tell? I have found a varied range of prices for heat presses and wondered if one of the determining factor is how evenly the elements heats up?
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Im having the exact same problem! I am having to email the seller or each one I find to ask if its a central element or whether it covers the whole plate. I press I found I was sure was the right one, not cheap, looked robust, but no, they emailed back to say it was a heating element in the middle and then the plates heats up.

UNLESS I am completely wrong and its the central element we need.... Im going to cry...

Good Luck

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I got the cheap-*** $99 one from proworld.

I made my money back on the first job and if I wanted to, I could have bought a top of the line press from the profits.

It's a little ugly, but works great for both Sub and vinyl and has every feature you need to be successful - heat control, pressure control and even a timer. I didn't even bother checking for even temps because it works so well.

Get one, make a bunch of cash, then upgrade if you figure you need to. Then you'll always have a backup too. No matter how much you spend, parts eventually fail on any machine.
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Thank you for your responses. I am in two minds whether to go for a Stahls or the relatively cheaper Pixmax from Ebay. Recommendations will be very much appreciated.
I bought a $99.00 heat press from pro world 3 years ago and I press around 2000 items a year on it and I have not had any problems with it so far. Like 20VK said buy a cheap one, make you some money then up-grade if you want to.
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