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best favorite long sleeve blank tee

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I have searched as best I can, but couldn't find a good discussion on this: I am looking for my first batch of long sleeve men's t-shirts, what are your favorites? I am considering getting the Hanes Beefy T long sleeve (5186), as I like ringspun softness and a nice weight. Any other recommendations?
I love pigment dyed, but haven't found any less than about 8 bucks.

thanks much
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Can't go wrong with the Hanes. Not as many ringspun options in long sleeve. What about american apparel?

What short sleeve are you using? If different than Hanes, you may want to explain to customers that the look/fit may be different than your short sleeves.
I'm using Comfort Colors by Chouinard short sleeve, ringspun, pigment dyed, 6.1 oz, so a real nice soft, fairly heavy shirt. The long sleeve sample they sent me was nothing like their short sleeve, thinner and not ringspun, not what I like.
Your point about explaining possible differences to customers sounds wise. I would like to stay very similar in thickness and softness, and Hanes Beefy seems to be the best I've found so far. I may look into American Apparel at your mention; I think of their style as thinner and perhaps trimmer fit than my current target market.
I appreciate your input
Which tee has a tight fitting wrist? The complaint I get about long sleeve tees is the wrist ribbing gets stretched out too easily and ends up just dangling therei nstead of fitting the wrist snug.
I use Gildan 6.1 100% cotton ... I like Hanes, too, but my experience is that the cuffs stretched out more. The Gildan cuffs seem to 'resize' a bit after washing.

Really like the pigment dyed longsleeved t-s but those cuffs stretched out and never recovered.
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