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Best Epson WF1100 ink system?

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I recently bought an epson 1100 and I was wondering what is the best and most cost effective ink system is without buying blackmax. As in, I have already printed about 5 positives and am almost down to half of my ink levels.

Should I go refillable? I heard that works well.

I am new to this so any advice is helpful. Thank you!!
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Contact Richard over at Cobra Ink. Thank me later.

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Contact Richard over at Cobra Ink. Thank me later.

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+2 for cobra ink

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I also picked up 2 of the WF 1100 the other day
I was thinking about the blackmaxx and the CIS
What I was wondering is if the CIS can do ALL black ink instead of filling with with C Y M
also Does anyone have the CIS Cobra Ink System?
I saw lots of positive comments about Cobra Ink so I sent some email asking if they can ship the systems to oversea/Japan.

but they never replied me back..
are they really trustworthy??

Epson is not selling cartridges for WF1100 or any US model printers in Japan so I have to ask my bud in US to run to Officedepot to get high capacity 68s and ship them out.
If they will ship to you, you will not be sorry with Richard (Cobraink) and his ink they are prompt shippers and very helpful on the telephone. Best decision I have made for inks.

Gapipkin is correct you will thank us.
I have the workforce 1100 with CIS from cobraink.com and it was the best money I spent. As everyone said Richard is very helpful for whatever problems you may come across, and he has always been right and gets me right back to work. They have the regular cmyk with 2 black ink tanks and they also have all black if that's what you're looking for. I already have my eye on my next home printer fom there. They also have discounts for forum members.
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