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Hello Everyone,
I am a total freshie when it comes to t-shirt printing, embroidery/designing...basically, I am new to it all.

I am recently putting together a Blazer/Jacket/custom-T-shirt line and at this juncture I need information on the best type of embroidery work for making a LOGO PATCH for a t-shirt or blazer AND where I can find the service/company that can make a wholesale patch logo for my 'clothing line' with my design(as this has already been done).

***Would appreciate a company that can provide this 'logo patch making service' in ASIA(and is available to ship to UK), UK and US

I apologize for sounding totally cluless but I do hope there is someone out there that understands what I need for my business...and yes, I am pretty much desperate at this point.

Thanks Guys
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