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I don't think it is even made by Hyatt, I think it is a company called Iya. Foggy right now... lack of sleep... but I'll double and triple check that.

Here is a post on the alternate names for Ironall light and the suppliers (with links) followed by a post on the alternate names and suppliers for dark Ironall:
Ironall: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/inkjet-heat-transfer-paper/t59847.html
Ironall Dark: https://www.t-shirtforums.com/heat-press-heat-transfers/t59419.html

JetWear Dark is a Neenah paper (JET-Opaque). Tshirtsupplies carries it as JetWear Dark, Alpha Supplies as Alpha Dark for Gold.

Price compare all the suppliers, and sign up for newsletters to find out about the sales as soon as they happen. That equals big savings! :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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