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I'm looking for a program that will allow customers to design their own tshirts and send me the printable file once the purchase is made. Something that has text, effects, artwork and templets for customers to choose from. Also allow customers to upload their own designs or pics from a phone etc.

Any suggestions? I'm not sure where to start really. Has anyone out there had any good or bad experiences with these types of programs? Are they legit? Any industry leading company that has the best, cutting edge program at an affordable price I should know about?

I'm looking for something that gives the customer a nice experience, easy to use, good artwork / templates etc to choose from and has a modern feel. Not something that offers cheesy, out of date artwork / text and effects. I'd prefer one that I pay for once but would consider one with a monthly plan if it is best.

I sell shirts through a few retail locations and I'd like to try a couple kiosk setups. Maybe just a lockable ipad stand or something bigger, not sure yet. While researching the configurators I saw some of them advertising a kiosk function. I imagine that will allow me to keep track of the sales that come from each location, change what I offer to each location, keep the orders separated etc. I'd need something like that because some of the locations get a % of sales.

In addition to the kiosk setups I'd like to create a website and use the configurator. I was in the process of creating a squareup site but not sure if a configurator would work with one of those. I like the square up because there is no monthly fee you just pay a percent (about what a credit card company charges) and a small transaction fee. But if a configurator won't work with squareup I'd consider a different platform. I saw shopify, wix, etc but not sure which one is the best and best priced.

I'd also like the software to turn my site into a print on demand service. Where a customer could design a shirt, upload the link to their social media then when someone makes the purchase it would send me the money and printable file, it would also send a commission to the uploader.

I saw a few configurators while searching..

Inkxe looked nice and they mention the kiosk function so I'm considering them

imprintnext looks to have similar software to Inkxe and priced similarly, however the package they offer with a kiosk function informs you to "contact for a quote" so that may end up being expensive but not sure.

Haven't seen any examples of design tools yet but hoping to soon. If you have any suggestions that would be a huge help. I'm hoping to purchase one within the next couple weeks. Thanks for the help.
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