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Best bang for your Buck Heat Transfers

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So I order a lot of 40 transfers from F&M expressions.
0 issues with the order or the customer service there was some issues with my artwork. I am not a illustrator guru at all. More like an illustrator newbie. But either way they asked me a few questions and got my order processed right away and very quick turn around.

I did the special for 15 cent transfers plus a 22 set up fee.
This was there Spot atheletic formula ink.

They transferred great. Went on perfect with recommended settings on my transpro express 15x15. I washed a 50/50 cotton poly hoodie and a 100% cotton tshirt together. The hoodie is fine but the t-shirt is not. Already some cracks in the ink.

I am hoping this is just some issue with the way i washed it but i doubt it. I am not upset persay due to the cheap price i knew i was taking a gamble. But i would love get some opinions on the best bang for your buck custom transfers when it comes to durability and feel.

I think I will try ordering something else from F&M because they where so helpful for me but i cant sell shirts that look bad after 1 wash. I am glad these where test shirts and did not go out to customers
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I use a lot of these transfers for low price clients......As long as your clients know that the low price comes with some potential problems they are usually okay with it....

The 15 cent transfers are thick, less stretchable and prone to cracking...If you want less cracking you need to use a fashion formula transfer......They are thinner, have more stretch in them and are less prone to cracking.....But bear in mind if you want white on dark colours, the thinner transfers may have some show through...
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Any experience with Stahl's hot split transfers?
I have order several times from F&M and have not had any issues as of yet. Like you I go for the athletic formula. I also worry that some day someone will call with an issue, but like I said, that hasn't happened as of yet. I have used them only on 50/50 poly cotton blend shirts and they look and feel great.

Have you tried adjusting the pressure? The hoodie is thicker than a shirt, just wondering if you compensated for that?

I have ordered from Transfer Express and love the selection and quality as well. Priced a little higher, but for picky customers, I will go that route. Hope it helps.
Any experience with Stahl's hot split transfers?
Yes they are really good.....That is why they come with an "insane" price....But you do get what you pay for....
I did adjust pressure for the hoodie. Had to turn it down a bit for for the thicker fabric.

I'm not sure what would prevent this from happening again. I would imagine a front load washer is a bit harsher than a top load but still shouldn't crack and tear that easy
It wouldn't be the washer,otherwise your laundry would have shown signs of a beating after a while. Other than the quality of the ink, which you have no control over, it would come down to pressure, time and temperature. If you are using the correct formula for the textile, try adjusting these. Also, make sure you don't over do it with the heat, because that will over cure the ink, and will cause it to fail.
sorry to say that after several orders with this group I have moved on. Their product is of lower quality on the cheaper items they offer, and for some reason they could not explain, I was paying twice as much for shipping with them. Problems being corrected by them often took days or did not even happen. Howards hit's the mark, pricing and quality plus service.
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