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Best adhesive to use when printing Triblends and Gildan Performance?

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Hey all, this is my first post, and I am eager and thankful for helpful answers.

For the past few years, triblends have been our HELL shirts, along with the Gildan Performance! We've used spray track, and web as the glue to get them to stick to our boards. They won't stay tacked for the life of us.

We use plastisol inks, and each time we get to our 2nd or 3rd color, the shirt would rather pull up and stick to the screen, instead of staying on our plate.

Web seems to work best so far, but it's gross, and gives everything a residue. Not to mention we have to spray CONSTANTLY.

I'm wondering what adhesive works best for these blends of shirts?
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sounds like maybe your ink is stickier than your adhesive. We've never had problems with Tri Blend shirts lifting. Have you tried thinning your ink slightly ? We generally use the mist style adhesive and coat the boards only once for a run of maybe 24 shirts.
Triblends can suck a lot. Took me a while to get a system that works instead of wrecking shirts. Fresh boards and I find the SAATIcheck dri-web adhesive web spray works excellent. Have to spray a lot though. I use Union low bleed basic white as a base, it's very non tacky and flash 3 seconds with a quartz flash. Any more and they scorch. I always found the bella triblend tanks burn the worst. Yeah and the Gildan 42000..despise printing that shirt myself.
We use watebase adhesive rolled on. The pallets have to be fresh and sticky, the white thinned with lo-bleed curable reducer, mesh 156 and p/f/p
I used to use a spray adhesive but started feeling like everything was covered in dust that wouldn't wipe off b/c of the residual spray. So I changed to a water based adhesive. Sorry I don't know the brand/type. I use a ketchup type bottle and squirt a little on and then spread with a business card (get old ones from our church which uses new cards for every holiday & series.) I'm able to do quite a few shirts and have no trouble with tri-blends. If they get non-sticky you can usually use water to clean the fuzzies off and it's sticky again for a while.
I found some success using Tekmar water based adhesive on pallet tape. It does require a lot of re-application, and changing of the pallet tape helps as well. It's slow going, but I ruined a lot less shirts that way.
Try using 380 MIST SPRAY PALLET ADHESIVE from Atlas Screen Supply, i've been using this mist tack down spray for 10+ years now, works great.
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