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Bert from Australia

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hey all found this site from googling all my problems so joined up
just got a new roland gx-24 and having a few cutting force issues other than that its going good

anyone else from australia?
where do you buy your blades, vinyl, etc from?

does anyone have a application tape dispenser? are they worth it?

any little tips or tricks to learn with cut studio or the gx -24? i have also been having a play with corel draw and starting to get the hang of that (only in basic things though)
i found i have to move it (vinyl and cutter) and origin it after every cut otherwise my vinyl falls out when i try to do the next lot dont know if thats what your meant to do or not but it works as i think its looking for the origin point from the start of the cut rather than working out where it should be

i was shown by the guy who i bought it off but once i got it home i felt like i didnt really know how to use it when i had all these problems that he hadnt explained how to do it

also heres my link to my cutting problems thread if anyone can help out
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Welcome mate.

The GX 24 is a piece of cake and even me the sales person uses it to make t-shirts. Your vinyl supplier will supply cutting and pressing instructions. Your force will vary between 50 to 90 depending on the wear and tear of the machine.

We get products from Stahls or GJS machinery.
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my force is at 120g and it needs more i think... or im not removing the wasted vinyl properly
thats with new blade!!!

i get my stuff from major toms in adelaide but they dont have the heat transfer stuff

anyone know where i can buy the application tap dispensers?
I use 120g/150g on flocking. Something is not working right here with the cutter.
Is the design scoring into the carrier?
Have you done a test cut using the test cut feature?

Roland has plnety of on-line help videos.
I done the test feature to get it to work what seemed to be good at 70 to 90g
But when doing anything decent it pulls up the design
It doesn't seem 2 be cutting into the backing
Hi Bert and welcome to the forums!

There are quite a few of us here from Australia :)
If you haven't stumbled over it yet, here is a link to a section of the forums dedicated to Australian and New Zealand threads: Australia and New Zealand - T-Shirt Forums
i know my way around forums pretty well but wow this one is massive its like going to Sydney or something!! lol
i have eventually found the forum navigation menu thank god thats there!
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