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HI I currently have a Bernina aurora embroidery machine using bernina software V5. I am thinking of upgrading my machine to a brother pr650. The agent selling me the machine told me I can still use my bernina software with the Brother machine, as it is better than the brother software and i will save money not buying the new software. However I am worried it will not work propperly. Have had a look on the internet but can't find any help. Will they work together??? as the brother has 6 needles auto colour change etc, and different hoops (cap hoop) than the bernina. how will the software recognise these. or do i have to send it to the machine manually and do the embroidery from the machine instead.
I don't trust him and was wondering if anyone has used bernina software with a brother pr6** machine.
Is bernina's software really the best?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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