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Bent Newman Frame??! Need Help!

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I have a MXZ roller frame that seems to be bent or warped. No matter how flat I get it when it goes into the press the front is lifting up really high (2 inches). It must be the angle of the square bar because it sits on a table fine. Also my other newman frames work fine in the same press, so it cant be the tilt or off contact adjustments on my press. Anyone know what could be causing this?

Thanks a lot!
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If its bent then it's bent, If its the adjustment then there are Youtube videos that explain how to flatten a crooked Newman frame by adjusting the bolts.
If you're doing general printing, ditch the Newmans for some wood or aluminum screens... eliminate all the headaches. I have a room full of Newmans that haven't been used in years. They do give better prints when stretched correctly, but again... if doing general spot color work standard frames are much easier to live with. 10 years printing with no problems. Order from Pocono Screen, their wood frames are awesome ! Actually the wood screens seem to last longer than the aluminum. I may post my Newmans up here soon... been collecting dust way too long.
I personally hate wood frames because they warp and absorb to much water. I need newmans for halftone work. And like i said it sits on a table flat , i know how to level them out its just when i tighten it into the press it lifts way up. Im gunna call customers service because it must be defective this is weird. Even when its tightened in the press its somehow able to wiggle its way loose to again too, but my other newman frames lock in with no problems. It doesnt appear any differant from the others in any way! Super strange! Thanks for the responses
Are the rollers straight? Is the square bar twisted?

I use all rollers, myself, but I'd be interested in hearing how this happened--I have some that look like they've been through heavy combat and still stretch up just fine...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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