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Belquette's JobVault Software

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Many people are wondering what JobVault is, so I wanted to give a brief explanation of what it is and what it does.

One of the things we see as a direct to garment manufacturer is customers excited to use our products. Some are veterans in the industry and others have never printed a shirt. We wanted to find a way to help with job flow and work order management in addition to just creating printers. We know if a customer is successful, we are successful. This is one reason we created JobVault.

Image: JobVault_A:

The first image shows the simplicity of creating a job in JobVault. Our printer uses a RIP. Even though it has been simplified, it can be somewhat confusing at times. So we have incorporated a simpler interface for creating a job. What you see on screen is as simple as it can be. Choose your image and tell it what you want to do. Hit submit and it will add it to the RIP for you and process the job.

Image: JobVault_B:

As your image is processing, a window pops up asking you what you want to do. You have the option of capturing the job, ignoring the job, or stop watching the job folder.

Image: JobVault_C:

Indicate if this is a 1 part or 2 part job. 1 part is one layer, 2 parts would be 2 layers, i.e. White Layer and Color Layer

Image: JobVault_D:

From this screen, you can click on any design that is stored in the Vault and choose Print. It will send it to your printer even across a network or cloud based computing. This allows the printer operator to use the direct to garment printer without opening the RIP. With this interface, you can use it in a retail environment with saved images that you may print often.

Image: JobVault_E:

When you click on Properties, you now have the option of creating a work order with a bar code. You simply print the work order, choose which shirts you need to print on the work order and take it to the printer. Use a USB Bar Code Scanner and scan the code. Once you scan the code, it brings the image automatically into our Mod Queue Manager and you are ready to print within a few seconds.

JobVault streamlines orders and simplifies the printing process. It is currently in beta and we are exploring more options to add to JobVault for greater integration.

We are excited to bring this product to the market and always welcome comments on how we can better use this software for your needs! Since this is a brief overview, let us know if you have any other questions!


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One other thing, our goal is to open this up to other printing systems. When the time comes, we will need beta testers. No matter what printer you use, we would like to be able to test the functionality on something outside of our platform. Just send me a PM if interested and let me know what printer you are using.
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