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This printer is great for printing high detail graphics on t-shirts. We are no longer offering this service to our customers because we haven’t marketed this particular method of printing enough to warrant keeping the machine.
We purchased the MOD1 in mid-January of 2014. The original purchase price for the machine was $17,985.00. The lot for sale includes:

Mod 1 Printer

Mod 1 Accessories including:
o Mod1 Installer Disc with Power RIP code
o 1 Adult Platen
o 6’ Main AC Cable & 2’ Small AC Cable
o 25 Pin Comm Cable
o USB Cables
o Syringes and attachments
o Waste Ink Bottle and Holder
o Waste Tube Lines
o Ink Bag Tray
o Foam Swabs
o Transparencies for nozzle checks
o Screw Drivers and Allen Keys
o Parchment papers
o Flushing Kit
o 2 Spare Capping Stations
o 1 Spare Encoder Strip
o 1 Wagner Sprayer
o Pretreat for use with dark garments, pretreat for white garments, head maintenance solution, flushing solution
o Additional pretreat sample bottles
o Extra bags of ink
o Stack of t-shirts for practicing

We have run cleanings on it each morning and afternoon of the work days. We have followed all of the maintenance activities as recommended by BelQuette (routine cleanings, oilings, etc). We replaced the capping station for the second time in July 2016 (this is a yearly routine maintenance part replacement), and printing minimal amounts of shirts since then. Overall, we have not printed very many shirts over the course of its lifetime here. We replaced the encoder strip in September, 2016. We have the original packaging that the MOD1 came in. Aesthetically, there are some ink stains and there is a bit of fogginess on the clear cover to the machine.
BelQuette offers a free 10 minute diagnosis for second hand users and then $1.00/minute after that for phone support. E-mail support and forum support are provided for second hand users from BelQuette.

The sale would be final, as is, no returns accepted. Local buyers are welcome to come to our facility to view the machine and test it out.


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