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Belquette is no more 😞

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Not sure if it has been posted but belquette and coldesi are merging or they are joining coldesi is what it seems like. I had my good times and trust in service so I’d like to have a moment in silence for the end of a great customer based business. They were always there to help without 1800 Corp numbers would respond quickly even after hours now it will be calling Walmart trying to get the infants section. They would help me out and take the time to help even if it wasn’t made by them. I have delt with both companies and just wish the merge was the other way Towards the customer service not the $ sign company l. Watch the videos and you will see the diff between humble helpful belquette and smart remarked let me sell you a dollar and a dream team. Hopefully those original BQ ppl will still have a private email that can’t be snooped thru and stay true to heart and their customers .

Miss you guys already 😭

BQ for life
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No worries, we are still here. Yes a merger happened and yes ColDesi is the banner company, but what does this actually mean? Both BelQuette and ColDesi saw the value each company possesses and can continue to bring to the market. Working together means each company will adopt the best of both and what made each company successful.

Don't look at this as the death of BelQuette, because in all actuality, it is not, look at it as something even better to come. Since every company has flaws, moving forward we know we all have to be better than we were before. This is partially what this merger is about. Even though the moniker is ColDesi, look to see new products co-developed with BelQuette Technologies.
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