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Being more Accomendateing as a brand

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Hello everyone,I am at a point where i have to decide what t shirts to go with.In starting a brand you want to go with the best quality but you also have price in mind aswell. Gildan,Anvil alsyle make very good shirts i am leaning towards American Aparel but ther sizeing for women who may have larger chest sizes my not want to buy a extra large or 2xl, how can we be accomidateing as brand. What do you think.
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One more thing to consider when chosing a supplier
is the amount of colors they have to offer. I've
found great shirts but the color selection is always
a factor when using them for your brand.
Thaat true what are some of you useing for womens t's i see gildan soft stretch gildan 2000l.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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