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Hi this is my first post with some basic questions on the material/equipment I'll be using for startup.
Ive been reading many posts on here which as helped along the way. Been Invaluable,Thank you :)
So I just want to double check some things from what Ive gathered.
I'll be using JPSS paper with the Epson 7610 durabrite ultra. Would there be any necessarydeviances from the recommened print settings for this paper/printer ink combination. Any tips to get the best result would be grand.
Is there a time frame from printing on the paper to when I should press on the garment. Could it wait for 48hrs or more and should I keep it away from light.
For FOTL t shirts cotton what type of parchment paper, specific name if possible, is best for curing.
When using scissors or knife to trim around the image can it leave marks that would be transfered to garment.
When cutting the paper should I always remove as much as possible or for the more difficult cuts do it more broadly. How much does this part matter for the overall finish.
Is there any templates I can buy for cutting the paper. Squares should be easy enough though circles a bit more tricky for a consistent line. I use a plotter but this would be more time consuming I'd like to avoid.
Should I avoid straight edges and curve the edges.
I'll be using a stahls calm and Im slighty worried getting the right pressure. Is there a particular way to get the recomened pressure when turning the handle.
How far down from the collar and (the size in width image length using collar edges as guide) would be standard.
And any tips for alingment since image will be facing down.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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